Saturday, September 17, 2011

Luang Pu Nien Kaew Kampiro

Grandmaster Lersi Sompit

Specially made only in Singapore after my customers strike lottery with  this payant, great for improving and bringing wealth especially with the money bag yant and yant which represents gold and sliver which greatly believed that your bag or home will be always fill with it and protection written yant with Lersi Sompit sitting in a lotus position on top of Singapore Flyer..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Luang Phor Pinak

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Luang Pinak Wat Sanamlao in Saraburi

Known as the star or Dao
In the past history where Lp Pinak first made this batch of special look amulets, miracles happened to wearer especially windfalls in lottery and success in their work and from there news spread like fire and this batch of amulets become famous..

This amulet is also known as the eye by Lp Pinak
Believe to enahance your sixth sense and open your third eye so that whenever bad things are approaching you can somehow or rather sense it or feel it..

Lersi Phuttavet

 Hoon Pa yong is hand made by Lersi made of coffin nail to protect against yourself evil spirit and black magic, it can also act as a bodyguard to protect your money and your asesst....mix with NMP to enhance its power

 NMP to attract girls to you and good for wealth fetching, need to make offering to it every 7 days
 Siip peung with 108 charming herbs, good for sales or in any careers...great maha Saneh